Registration and Tuition Details 2016-2017
Registration Fee
$275/student or a maximum of $550/family
Grade *Subsidized rate Non-Subsidized rate
K4/K5 $330 ($3,300 per year) $420 ($4,200 per year)
1 thru 8 $330 ($3,300 per year) $420 ($4,200 per year)
9-10 $405 ($4,050 per year) $525 ($5,250 per year)
* This school is operated and subsidized by the Southview Seventh-day Adventist Church. Members of that church are considered constituents of the School. The total monthly cost of education per student is approximately $600. Members of the constituent church or participating churches pay at the constituent rate. Non-constituent students are welcome, but pay at a non-constituent rate.

Discounts are available for the following:
3% when tuition is paid in two equal payments on August 15 and January 15.
6% when the year’s tuition is paid in full at registration.
$25 per month for each additional child enrolled from the same family.