Southview Christian School  (SCS), located in the city of Burnsville MN, is a Seventh-day Adventist elementary school with an esteemed tradition of excellence. It was established in 1996 and over the years has served a diverse population.

School is a journey. One begins with a single step, and ends the journey as a different person, having grown with the many experiences encountered on the way.

At Southview Christian School our purpose is to design the journey so that all are growing spiritually, academically, socially, and physically. This is accomplished as we seek the direction and guidance of God, follow the curriculum designed by knowledgeable professionals, and work together to support and encourage each other.

We serve our students, their families, the Adventist churches that sponsors us and the wider community in which we live. We serve by continuing our tradition of providing Christ-centered education, and by emphasizing the integrated development of the whole person. We seek to offer a safe campus with a nurturing staff that models Adventist beliefs.

Grades K-8

SCS offers our Grades K-8 students the opportunity for rounded development and the necessary academic foundation to succeed at the next level of their educational experience. Our small teacher to student ratio affords a family oriented and personalized mode of instruction, while maintaining a close partnership with the home. Highly qualified and certified, our teachers are very intentional about adapting, enriching and protecting the learning environment so that every child has the chance to succeed.

Grades 9-10

SCS Junior High encourages students to seek Christ as their personal Savior, exists to provide a challenging learning environment, promotes high expectations, integrates moral values, expands knowledge through critical thinking, and establishes courage to enable students to act on their beliefs.  Our purpose is to respond to the world’s need for students to make intelligent choices guided by eternal principles.

For the past couple of years, Southview Christian School has partnered with Maplewood Academy in the distance learning program. With the use of iPads and other technology, students are able to experience real-time classes with teachers located at other campuses. 


Principal and 3rd-6th grade teacher

Rayleen Hansen
Has her Bachelors in Music and Elementary Education and her Masters in Music and School Administration.

7th-10th grade teacher

Brooke Hansen  
Has her Bachelors in History and English and a minor in Communications

Preschool to 2nd grade teacher

Kendra Caruthers  
Has her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, a Masters Degree in Business Administration and a Masters Degree in Elementary Education with a major in Language Arts.


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